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August 12, 2006

Idlewild Log Entries

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My dear friend, Alice Fimrite, who now at 94 may be the only survivor who traveled the Edson trail. She was 2 years old then, and remembers the long, slow, difficult trip. Ever resourceful, they put a milk cow in the harness when one of the horses died and continued on the trail. When the water got deep for those travelers, they plugged the leaks in the wagon box and floated across.

We knew our trail would be wet so we built our wagon accordingly and when the trail was no longer muddy we took our wheels off so it would float better. While our dreams of travel were filled with exotic and interesting places, we found now that our memories are mostly of the fabulous people we met. When you choose your trail and your wagon, make sure you stop and visit the working people you meet everywhere. You may be in a different wagon, but we are all using the same trail.

We were sitting quietly in Turn Bay when a beautiful red Cessna 180 on

floats circled, dropped in and taxied up to our boat. It was one of our

fiends, Greg Koopman from Campbell River. The next day Greg, his wife

Kim, daughter Emily, his brother Jeff and parents John & Sharon stopped

over with some cookies for a lovely visit. We hadn't seen them for many

years and it was nice of them to come over.


Also in Campbell River, Jim Fensky, an RCMP friend stopped over for a

pleasant visit. He brought a bunch of moose meat that was fantastic. I

hadn't had any for a long time and had been brought up on it, so it was a

real treat, Thanks Jim.


We were joined in Comox by Kim Lofstrom, soon to be Kevin's wife and Kevin

didn't stop smiling for 3 days. Also John Laninga and Darryl & Lorelei

Talbot joined us there. Ken & Jeanne Lutes was there from down Island

for a nice visit for a short while.


Lorelei likes fishing and caught a dog fish and when she got it to surface

she was pulling hard with considerable excitement, the hook pulled out and

flew high in the air and hooked Kevin's arm on the way down. We had a large

halibut hook on with an 8 ounce weight so it buried deep in his arm.

Fortunately Jodie is a nurse and Chip a Dental Surgeon, and as well we had a

full medical kit for world cruising so Chip froze the area, I cut the shank

off the hook and Chip worked the barbed hook through the flesh until it came

out. I was glad Chip was here or I would have had to do it. Also if it had

to be someone, it was fortunate it was Kevin as he showed no pain or

nervousness through the whole ordeal watching the needles and pushing the

big hook through. Kevin has had a ruptured spleen and many broken bones

racing motocross so this was a non-issue.

Schooner Cove Aug 10 and a lovely supper at Dennis Fimrite's and my

schoolmate Rod Fimrite and his son Dennis came down from Victoria.


We were met Aug 11 at sea by 3 boats for pictures and company coming in to

Steveston. 'Que Linda' with Hal & Wayne, 'Senior Moments' with Scott Bulger

and others and by 'Motor Cat' with the friendly media of Georgs Kolesnikovs,

field editor of Power Cruising magazine. He hosts the Trawlers & Trawlering

site where a report on Idlewild's return to Canada appears at

<http://www.trawlersandtrawlering.com>, Jim Farrell of the Edmonton Journal

and Al Cohen with Global TV.


Many thanks to Willy Loyd of Vancouver who organized the berth for us at

Steveston Harbour. He provided two iceboxes of refreshments, and a sincere

thanks to West Marine for the finger food and snacks. Exciting to cruise

into Steveston and see Alice and more friends and family waiting. Dick

Dick, Bob Bergen and Grant Armstrong came down from Brooks. It was a great

afternoon of hugging and visiting and telling stories. By evening there was

only Alice and I on the boat for a lovely night.


Saturday, Aug 12 people started coming by at 07:45 and our new extended crew

Ben, Brad & Kevin, Chip, Jodie, Ryan, Scott, Kim, Mikayla & Trenton, John

Laninga, Darryl & Lorelei Talbot, Heather Quaschnick, (Kim's Mom) Sandra

Goodkey and Karen Fowler, Corinne, Glen & Brian Peterson, Frank Corlis were

aboard and ready at 12:00 for the 12 mile trip upstream to Shelter Island.

We arrived at 14:55 and tied up for the last time on this expedition. We

all went for lunch at Tug Boat Annie's Pub then others prepared to head

home. Brad, Alice and I stayed to unload the boat into 2 vehicles and give

the left over food to the food bank.


On this expedition we have gone 33,400 NM or 38,410 statute miles or 62, 000

km. It has been an incredible journey for us and I feel pleased and relaxed

now. No more concern about waypoints, where to anchor or dock, scheduling

or phoning.


If I failed to answer your email, please send it again.

I want to thank everyone who helped make the voyage successful, and everyone

who shared our journey by the internet or chatting with us at dockside in

many places around the world. How very much you are exactly like us. Take

care and may God bless you as He has us.