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July 8, 2006

Idlewild Log Entries

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We will arrive at Shelter Island Marina in Vancouver at noon on Aug 11, hope to see you there.  Weíre not planning anything specific but would like to say ĎHií if you are in the area.  Alice & I will be there until at least Sunday night, August 13.


Nome is tourism, fishing, gold mining and dog sledding.  Except for tourism, these are tough occupations this far north.  Those who like tough conditions are always unique and interesting.  They are here out of choice for the most part, and loving every minute.  We wished we could stay longer, its fantastic.


We did laundry at the old folks home and internet at the tourist center and the library.  We did touring with Richard Ďthe enthusiastí and through Peter Semotiuk in Cambridge Bay we were fortunate to meet Bonnie Hahn.  Bonnie is a lifer in Nome.  5 kids she brought up teaching school and still time to go through the Northwest Passage and buy the Road House at Cape Nome and make a virtual museum out of it. 


Gold miners living in tents on the beach in a cold wind with no running water and still a smile on every face.  They are closed mouthed about their gold findings as if they were hiding a fortune, for the most part, but living as though itís a poor manís venture.  I didnít invest.


We waited an extra day because of winds, then left for False Pass.  Some mean weather enroute, but nice in Isanotski Strait.   Isanotski Strait divides the Alaska Peninsula from the Aleutian Islands.  At Attu we were about 1000 miles west, the outer end of the Aleutians.  They call it ĎFalse Passí because, while small ships can go through, there isnít enough depth for big ships.


We anchored and took the dinghy in and did a walking tour.  Itís a pretty place with nice people.  Population 63 now, up 2 since the last census and 6 kids going to school, down 10 from the last report.  We missed the grocery store.  It only opens from 1:00 to 3:00 PM.  Next day we pulled anchor at 13:00 and went across the strait and caught 2 halibut and 1 cod, then headed out.  As we left the south end of the Strait we saw a big Alaska Brown bear feeding on a sidehill. 


We are taking the longer scenic route to Kodiak.  We hope to see more wildlife and get some protection if a big blow comes.  Lots of Puffins and a few whales and a very odd seal.