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March 12, 2006

Idlewild Log Entries

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Mar 12, 2006

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Nicest of all was seeing Alice, Jodie, Chip, Ryan & Scott. We had a great time. We took 3 days touring SW Australia, a beautiful area of Vineyards, Seashore, timberland and ranching. There is lots to see, good weather and nice people. Back in Fremantle (Freo) we had an older house rented, 400 yards from the beach and it had a swimming pool so plenty of opportunity to relax and visit.

We took Idlewild and everyone out to Rottnest Island about 15 miles for overnight. The kids caught 5 fish and saw some Quokkas, a small kangaroo.

The next day we circumnavigated the Is. and experienced some 12 foot rollers on the way back to Freo.

We went to museums and points of interest plus Brad, Chip, Ryan & Scott took the dinghy way up the Swan River up to downtown Perth one day until long after dark for a great time.

And oh yes we worked, Alice helped clean the boat and her and Jodie got a picture framed of an iceberg that somehow doesn't cool us in 35 degree weather.

We vacuum tested all fuel filters and lines, moved the fuel filters down 2 feet, put a line with a valve and gauge from stove pump to motor for a quick spare fuel pump, put a brace on the chimney, made another fish rod holder, fixed guard for alternator, repaired our canopy and installed paravanes stabilizers. The 106 sq. in. vanes, with 16' poles and lines etc cost $5,500 Can. but they did a good job and I'm pleased with them. They stabilize the boat well and are easy to recover, but because we are using such little HP, they slow us 1 kt. I'll explain more later when we use them more. Fixed a few more small items and feel good for another quarter of a revolution.

Sad to see the family head for home, but we will see them in Juneau Alaska in 5 months for the trip down the BC inside passage. Brad & I each had a long cold shower and headed to the boat. We called some people who wanted to see us off and had a great gathering and sendoff before we got away at 15:00.

Good weather for a great trip down the west coast. Water temp went from 25 to 30 degrees in 3 days which is a lot and we started serious sweating.

We stopped overnight for a rest at Ningaloo park near the North West Cape. A beautiful quiet place for an appreciated rest. Next morning gone again heading for Broome to meet Kevin. We wove our way though Islands all night, then encountered 11 big Tankers anchored on our route and soon met more. Other big freighters coming out of Port Hedland, probably with iron ore for China. By far the most real big freighters we've seen anywhere, a testament to the resource richness of Australia.

And oh yes 'the Customs people', almost sinister. Kevin and I drove a van from home to Panama City 2 years ago through USA, Mexico and 6 Central American countries. Much of this was drug prone areas and officials, army, police and border officials quickly appreciated we weren't a drug risk and let us through with a smile. Australia is different, at least for us, and reports from others. Almost made us homesick. After 7 officials and a dog reviewed us for 5 hours we were free and enjoyed a fabulous country.