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May 9, 2006

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May 9, 2006

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We passed by the 'Mirianas Trench' up to 11 km, almost 7 sm deep. We had a nice trip to Guam with Kim, our new sailor. She did very well but she won't make a career of it. Her and Kevin stayed at a hotel, rented a car and explored the Island.

We were anchored at the Mirianas Yacht Club April 26 and Brad & I got to know the locals. Guam is a nice place, lots of tourists diving, fishing and paragliding.

Kevin rented a car so we all had an Island tour. Most things were cheap in Guam and a lot of interesting people. We cleared customs and went 12 miles to the fishing harbor to fuel up. They had run out of fuel. Manuel Duenas said he had tried to save fuel for us but we were much later than we had predicted. He let us stay tied on their floater all night and gave us coke and several dishes of their traditional food which was very nice. Manny also gave us fuel for fishing boat prices and it was supposed to go up that day but he didn't put it up till we were full, Thanks, Manny. Fuel was late coming in the morning but that was fortunate because it gave us a chance to meet so many people. This dock is right downtown and full of fishing boats and 6 paragliders as well as other tour boats so we met numerous interesting locals, military and tourism people. We'll be back.

Got to Guam April 26 and left May 3, arrive Agrihan May 5 left May 6, arrive Chichi Jima May 9.

Agrihan is a very small Island, only 6 miles long and no harbor, but like so many Islands its 'hillbilly heaven' to us. We anchored on a lovely black sand beach on the lee of the Island and soon had the company of a small boat. They sincerely welcomed us to their Island (population 9) and asked if we had eaten coconut crab. We said no, and they said come, we'll make some for you. We said we would be over at 15:00 and they met us on shore to help us pull the dinghy way up out of the potential bad rollers and took us up along an old trail they said had been used by Ox carts to bring up freight. We met all the people, very friendly, spoke good English and their cabins were as simple as the cabins at home in the early days. They have a great selection of wild fruit including wild pineapple if they can keep the wild pigs out of it. Also wild and tame goats on the Island and have guns to shoot them. I know a lot of people who could fit well into this lifestyle, but would our wives?

Later Brad & Kevin went snorkeling & spear fishing. Shot some fish, Kevin missed a big one, "buck fever". They saw lots and 2 worrisome sharks, one 3'

to 4' and one 6' to 8' long.

Next day Commander's gave us a good forecast and said a low building at Palau that could be a threat in a week so we headed for Chichi Jima. It was a little rough at the start but smoothed out. Yesterday after losing more fishing tackle, Kevin put on new line and got a very nice 48" Mahi Mahi. It took 45 minutes to bring in and the rod broke before we could gaff it, so Kevin held the rod and Brad cranked it in. Then somehow the reel with stub rod got bumped overboard and lost it, but excitement and good eating for all.

We will arrive in Chichi Jima late this afternoon. In Japan we will also stop in Tokyo and Kushiro before heading for the Aleutians.