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June 9 2005

Idlewild Log Entries

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We decided to run the rapids with the jet boat after Jason and Troy Fimrite  inspected them from the bank and from a helicopter which Jason rented to transport his father and daughter home on time.  It was an exciting runs though the upper rapids with Kevin driving and Ben, Brad and Chip hanging on, and then the drop over the falls.  Fimrites were leading and when they dropped over the falls we couldn’t see them for a second.  Their directions were good and we came over in the best possible spot without ticking a rock.  The river and water volume are always changing with luck a major influence so I would not recommend anyone try this without good insurance.

Trip to 6 miles above Boyer Rapids went well but Kevin charted 10 hours to find a route through but there is none.  We took the best route and went about a mile and got stuck tight after bouncing over 200 yards of shallows.  We then unloaded everything possible and put it below a rocky Island downstream. 

We then winched with the 110 pound Bruce anchor and put out a 15 foot Para-Tech sea anchor which pulled unbelievably great.  We would then drive the jet boats by to rock us and sometimes pull sideways on the bow.  This would move us slowly and it was a hurry to pull in the sea anchor when we moved a ways and also to dump the chain rode before it caused a problem.

The Cimarron and Muskrat were moored to Idlewild and on leaving the mooring, Kevin hooked the back corner of the Idlewild, the strong current quickly pulled Idlewild under and Troy, Kim and Kevin rushed out and Kevin reached back for his dog.  All out OK personnel wise.  When we moved Idlewild more, Cimarron broke free floated and skidded downstream a ways then turned over in a hole.  We tried several hours to recover her, but decided the risk outweighed further recovery efforts.   Eventually, after 4 days we were free and tied up in deep water across from our supplies and reloaded.

Lovely weather and Great River to Lake Athabasca and Fort Chipewyen.  In calm water at the wharf Kevin and Kurt went under water and found the 6 back tires are gone.  On the port side the rims are bent, on the starboard side the wheels and hubs and stub axles are broken off and missing completely.  We ordered new pieces and made arrangements to  pull Idlewild out when we get back from Saskatchewan.