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September 10 2005

Idlewild Log Entries

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Septmeber 10, 2005 was another exciting day. At 03:30 Kevin called the 'Laurier' (SWL) and explained we were drifting toward an Island and shallower water. Their line had broken towing FT, which now has a broken prop, so they immediately came to our aid. They loosened ice as good as possible around us and we got in behind them closely. Following the Ice breaker can wreck your boat as huge chunks can spin out from under the boat at you. Also a chunk can easily push us aside and then their prop wash turns us broadside, new pieces come in and it is very difficult to get back in following position. The SWL was concerned as we were drifting to shallower water and said at one point that this may be our last attempt, but their deck crew was able to position a large fender in front of us and we would push against them at full power. We still got pushed off to one side or the other many more times, but eventually the ice thinned. The ice was drifting toward the Island at 0.7 kts so we lost what we gained many times before we got up to looser and thinner ice. After we gained about 4 miles the ice was thin enough that we were able to go on our own and the SWL went back to find FT. She had drifted between the Islands to thinner ice and they were able to tie on again and came up to the position of Jotun Arctic (YA) and Cloud Nine (C9) after midnight. We had proceeded ahead past YA and C9 to anchor at Coutts Island. Ben, Brian, Troy & Kevin climbed the mountain and the ice was probably passable to Bellot Strait. Next morning Kevin, Brad, Brian & Jason went up again to check ice at 04:30 and it was better. We checked with SWL to see what they would like us to do and they asked us to come back to their position near C9 and YA as we might be able to provide some assistance. C9 and YA were unable to exit their bay at this time. SWL was justifiably concerned about the depth and would move ahead a short distance, back up, measure depth with a lead line and repeat until they got in to release the 2 boats. C9, YA and us rafted up and met each other while SWL went to get FT in tow again. They called at 14:00 for us to come to their position 4 miles SW and follow them to Wrottesly Bay to wait out a coming gail. It was dark and blowing and snowing and we headed into an uncharted narrow fjord to try to find a shallow spot away from the cliffs to anchor. Not fun but we found a spot at 55 feet. One man on anchor watch.