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A Young Seal Getting Attention.

4 RSA notables statues with table mtn. background.

Jazz club for Christmas supper.

Cape Town Bay

Volvo in port racing.

The 3 Musketeers

Always lots to do on a race boat.

Side view of these fast machines with caning keels.

Cruising the canals of Cape Town.

Perhaps going out to practice.

At Victoria and Albert marina.

Daytime resting spot.

New Year Fireworks.

Leaving early with ocean in sight.

Sunrise leaving Cape Town.

The broken port side motor mount.

The Barber shop.

Every bit as nice as she is beautiful, Samantha Rodan Smith.

Walking to the boat in Mossel Bay.

Moored at Port Elizabeth.

Sandy Banks

Giving directions on arrival in East London.

Extra fuel for longest passage.

Friend Inspector Harry with daughter Brittany.

Ready to leave Africa.

Approaching the grain elevators before open seas.

Last land of Africa as we head east.

Several beautiful sunsets.

alot of time at sea.

Birds of the southern ocean.

Rainy weather days.

Fremantle Australia in sight.

Our $2M escort into Fremantle.

Searched by a sniffer dog.

Moonlight on first night.

Looking aft with moon in the morning.

A Fremantle landmark.

After supper at Joe's.

Sunset in Australia.

Patching the tender.

Looking forward at DeGroot boat yard.

New arrivals at the airport.

The new crew.

A casual moment after getting travel info.

The Nautical tourists big and Small.

Alice - Mom - Grandma

Busselton beach.

Benny with Norfolk Pines behind.

Starting the Mammoth cave tour.

Stalagtites or was it stalagmites.

Ben at the Leeuwin lighthouse.

The two oceans meet at the light house.

After Jodie climbed the 61m Gloucester tree ladder.

This is wine country.

Scott at a lookout point.

Beautiful big trees everywhere.

Savannah image.

Our own back yard pool.