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Grassland wheres the cows.

Euc tree at Park.

View of Melborne

Koala Bear in Melborne

Kevin went home, him & Kim skiing in Jasper.

Ready to go home

Start ofthe Kimberley going between Islands

Pearl Farms, big industry

Freo Beaches

Countless Boats at the sailing club.

Much not charted and need a lookout.

Downtown Perth in the background.

Perth from the Swan River

Pearl Farmers

Great Area for tuna.

Quiet, Clean & beautiful.

Exploring with the dinghy

Lots of tankers


The river shallows up.

Alice semi-submersible trip to 2 wrecks.

Ryan, Chip, Jodie and Scott enjoying.

Beautiful Island Coastline.

Scott knows how to get comfortable.

Salty's Rose and Ron with the Captian.

Friends in Broome, very friendly.

Endless miles of river.

3 Musketeers or the 3 Stooges.

Camp Creek Falls

Local Freo Friends, Ben, Peter, Harry, Steve, Rose, Hugh, Chantelle, Ozzie, Toni, Crest & Ron

Lagoon above the falls

Imprisoned at the round house

King Cascade Falls

Maybe no Crocadiles

Such a darn nice spot.


High Rain Fall in summer but rocky and undisturbed

Result of the most rainfall in recent memory.

Searching for Crocs.

Misty Cool.

When she's hot you make your own breeze

Brad in the spray.

Tryly spectuacular.

Rock on a small column.

Ningaloo Park Anchorage

Stabilizers Ready

Ah, the life.

So long to a great place.

Trying out the salty water.

Thanks, tasted good.

Peter, the Capt. of Charter K20 with suggestions for Kimberleys & me & Harry DeGroot

Typical lovely country

Ryan doing the piloting.

Natives are al lfriendly & relaxed.

Rottnest Island

Water Fun

Mom is busy.

A nice place to stay

Another successful crewman

Ryan providing the meal.