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Current Gallery: May 2006

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Kim by a Japanese pillbox

Lovely Guam

Agrihan population 9

Agrihan USA

He cooked us these coconut crabs

Love the Mahi Mahi

Friends in Chichi Jima

Chichi Jima Islands

Futami Harobr

Lovely supper on the dock

Maybe overdressed for the beach

Ferry ride to Haha Jima

Hana Jima population 420

Jungle at its best Haha Jima

War wreck and Ferry to Tokyo in Chichi Jima

Yankee Bar with the Idlewild Flag


Tokyo Harbor

Tokyo inner harbor

Lovely quiet Yomenoshima Marina

Not typical but intresting

Easier then it looks

Getting Ready

Sumo Tournament

Brad at the Marnia

Exchanging Flags

First Marina since Cape Town

Hilbilies in downtown Tokyo

Fueling crew

Great Transportation