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Current Gallery: September 2006

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Another reality

Company came.

Prince Rupert grain terminal

Ryan's nice salmon.

A lovely bay.

Going ashore.

Trenton with new friends.

Idlewild is idle.

Makayla & Ryan

Jodie relaxing.

Trenton & Kevin, beachcombing.

Ryan, Chip & Scott.

Early morning fog.

Island wonders.

Trenton, Kevin & Makayla with a salmon.

Slingshot practice.

Coming to Alexander Mackenzie monument.

Scott & Jodie

209 years after the first crossing of North America.

Another fine bay.

A fine rockfish by Makayla.

The incredible inside passage.

Still plenty of freeboard.

Exploring the jungle.

Ryan relaxed.

Too cold for grown ups.

Fantastic country.

More friends at Port Hardy.

Greg Koopman dropped in.

Early morning wakeup.

A lovely birthday for 2 happy boys, Scott & Ryan.

Darrel & Lorelei Talbot, Captain & John Laninga

A beautiful lighthouse.

Doctor Chip taking a big halibut hook out of Kevin's arm.

After comox, we needed extra sleeping room.

Lots of sea life at the dock.

Kim enjoying everything.

Friends to meet us in Stevenston.

Lovely Stevenston harbour.

Bigger crew yet for the last 15 miles.

Delta BC on the Frazer River.

Tied up for the last time on this trip.

Yes, we all felt this way.

Chriss, Kevin, Kim & Brad

Kevin, Kim, Trenton & Makayla